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The Washington Post: Africa is the Next Asia

The American website claims the future of the Earth is “Africa-Driven”

In a fantastic, interactive article, The Washington Post interprets data produced by the UNPD. The data “predicts” the way the world’s population will develop over the next 90 years and it makes for some very interesting reading. Of course these predictions should be taken with a pinch of salt, but forewarned is forearmed and of the population of Africa does increase 400% by 2100, we need to ensure we are there to support the growth and develop the infrastructure accordingly. Will Africa truly become the next Asia?

Here are a few highlights of the article:

Pause for a moment to consider Asia’s boom over the last 50 years – the rise of first Japan, then South Korea, now China and maybe next India – and the degree to which it’s already changed the world and will continue to change it. Africa is expected to grow even more than Asia. Between 1950 and 2050, Asia’s population will have grown by a factor of 3.7, almost quadrupling in just a hundred years. Africa’s population, over its own century of growth from 2000 to 2100, will grow by a factor of 5.18 – significantly faster than Asia.

In demographic terms, it seems, the Asian century could be followed by the African century. That’s an amazing thing. But Asia’s remarkable economic, cultural, political and social progress had to do with more than just demographics. And even that growth could end up being a curse for Africa if it doesn’t have two things that have been crucial to Asian successes: good governance and careful resource management.

Digging in to the data on African population growth finds that it’s mostly in the continent’s sub-Saharan region. These are the five most populous African countries today (excluding Nigeria, which grows so large that it made the other chart lines unreadably small). The growth looks even more eyebrow-raising when it becomes clear that it will mostly leave culturally distinct North Africa behind: it’s all focused in the sub-Saharan countries. South Africa also will grow more slowly.

Nigeria’s growth is so large that it made the other chart lines unreadably small is a very demonstrative line from the article. Huge growth in Africa is happening NOW and a serious investor needs to get in there as soon as possible, or avoid missing the boat. If you’re looking for an investment in Africa, Nigeria may very well be the place to start. Attend our conference “Business in Africa Pays: Nigeria” and we can show you how to safely operate there. Be ready for the boom.

Click here to read (and interact with) the full examination of the UNPD’s data