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Plunket Research: Africa is the Next Consulting Frontier

Multinationals moving into Africa expect high-quality consultant advice

Plunket Research has declared Africa as the “next consulting frontier” as the high growth of the emerging market continues to trip the continent. The area that has the highest demand for consulting is thought to be IT. The march of the middle-class vs. the quality of the current infrastructure is leading to a high demand of experienced advice and planning.

Suren Govender of Accenture SA is quoted by itweb.co.za as saying…

Emerging markets are experiencing rapid growth in demand and scale, which in turn drives increases in capacity, time to market, quality and product diversity. Consulting services traditionally lend themselves well to address these needs and can exponentially improve benefits by leveraging technology.

However, as the spending power of the middle class grows and consumption increases, business is also faced with operating in an environment with poor infrastructure and the lack of formal systems and processes, which can be addressed through enabling technologies and process design.

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