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Africa’s Internet Connections Expected to Double in Next 5 Years

High-speed connections could support over 1 billion users by 2022

Mobile broadband connections in Africa are currently at around 419 million, but according to research and consulting firm Ovum, this figure could more than double in the next 5 years.

The demand for mobile internet is being met by phone operators such as Orange, amongst others, who are skipping the traditional hard-lined model and moving directly onto high-speed mobile connections.

Well known benefits for the region from this kind of technology include easier payments between users, the ability to educate online without having to travel long distances, but also importantly, the ability for locals to take control of opportunities in the tech sector. Reuters recently profiled Eugene Mutai from Nairobi, who is making the most of the Bitcoin boom that is opening currency markets to anyone with a computer. In the article Mutai describes Bitcoin as potentially “biggest wealth-distribution system ever”

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