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African Business Safari: ECOWAS Agenda

An Association for African Owned Enterprises (UK) Event, Powered by Business in Africa Pays


Africa Business Safari – ECOWAS
House of Lords


16.00 Registration
16.20 Welcome Speech


Lord Sheikh's Coat of Arms
Lord Mohamed Sheikh
The Conservative Peer, businessman, academic & philanthropist will welcome the delegates in this address.
16.30 Chair’s Welcome


Washington Kapapiro

Director, Association for African Owned Enterprises
16.40 ECOWAS Growth Strategy Panel


Chris Pouney – Partner, Nina & Pinta Ltd
Kofi T Sedalo – Director, Simnet Ltd
Estelle Mann – SONCAP Coordinator, Intertek
John Foster – Africa Editor, Debtwire
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As an ever-increasing number of companies invest in growth all across Africa, their patterns of strategy are becoming more identifiable. The panel will discuss the current state of their specific industries in the ECOWAS region. This discussion will be fueled by questions from the Chair and audience.
17.45 Making the Most of the ECOWAS Digital Revolution


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Herman Chinery-Hesse

Director, theSOFTtribe
There were an estimated 167 million internet users across the African continent in 2014. This sum has now grown to 600 million users and the technology is profoundly changing the way companies operate. Digital technology is fast becoming a necessity for any business; and businesses in Africa are no exception. This session will assess how digital technology can be used to optimise corporate, marketing strategies and customer relations.
18.15 Africa, Private Equity Facts, Figures and Trends


Private Equity Africa
Adeola Dosunmu

Head of Research, Private Equity Africa
Since 2009 private equity investments, African capital markets and the increased engagement of multilateral institutions have contributed to the rise in the availability of financing in Africa. This session will discuss what balance should be struck between capital markets, banks and investment funds and what new products are needed to meet the growing needs of Africa’s private sector.
18.50 Delivering Your CSR and SER for the Benefit of You & Country


Private Equity Africa

Evans Amoah-Nyamekya

Chairman, Inspiration & Energy Ltd.

Investment and productivity have progressed significantly since the early 2000s leading to a considerable improvement of the economic situation in African countries. However, to ensure sustainability for your business and the welfare of your chosen country, companies need to integrate social and environmental concerns in their business operations and in their interaction with Stakeholders. This session will offer guidance on how best to contribute to the socio-economic development of the countries in which you operate, ensuring the long-term profitability and sustainability of your businesses.

19.30 Chair’s Close

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