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Ashburton Highlight Long Term Growth Opportunities in Africa

According to Mr Clark of Ashburton, seven of the 10 quickest growing economies globally will be in Africa over the next five years. Ashburton has launched the Africa Equita Fund this May offering experienced investors something access to a fund that targets long-term growth in this exciting area. The FT called the offering from Ashburton “unusual” and they went on to say…

Africa is probably not top of most investors’ lists when it comes to selecting satellite funds. There are many compelling emerging market stories to be told, but the continent often receives less interest than other options across the globe.

If Mr Clark’s predictions about the growth in the region in the next five years are correct, it could be a fantastic time to get involved. After the compelling growth story in China, investors are constantly on the lookout for the next big thing. However, as with all lesser-developed countries, it is always a risk and putting all eggs in one basket should be avoided.

If you’ve missed the boat to China, perhaps speculation in the African market might be the next big thing. Watch this space.

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