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Ben Goldacre Joins “Africa Check” Board of Directors

Famous sceptical writer puts his weight behind dispelling African myths.

Photo of Ben Goldacre, Courtesy of Africa Check board of “Africa Check”

Ben Goldacre, Author of “Bad Science” and “Bad Pharma” revealed this week that he has joined the board of “Africa Check”. The website has been created to cut through the hyperbola that is bandied around by people trying to influence the development of the continent. Mr Goldacre often provides insightful dissection of what could be seen as his main cause, full disclosure of medical trials, in bite-sized chucks on his twitter account.

The website has received backing from some heavyweight public figures, including Kofi Annan…

For democracies to function properly, for people to make informed decisions about their lives, the claims made in the public domain must be held up to scrutiny and their veracity checked openly and impartially. I salute the work of Africa Check, as an important initiative engaging with journalists and citizens across the continent to raise the level of public debate.

With all the “power plays” that are going on in Africa at the moment, “Africa Check” could provide much needed credibility to the developing continent. If you need some information about Africa to be checked, submit your query here. We just have one question, what happens to the facts that turn out to be true? Do they get a place on the website too?

“Business in Africa Pays” is working to highlight legitimate business opportunity in Africa, in particularly the burgeoning Sub-Saharan countries. Sources of legitimate information such as Africa Check are in high demand.