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Blockchain Commodity Trading to Change Africa?

Get involved in the crypto revolution for free

Times are a-changing in the modern world.  There are so many new opportunities out there in cyberspace that eventually we have to grab one with both hands, else risk loosing out again!

Well, it turns out that blockchain technology could be the next revolution in Africa’s development.

If you don’t know what blockchain is, then I’m sure the term “Bitcoin” will ring a bell.  Blockchain is the underlying technology, which not only applies to cryptocurrencies, but also to the exchange of contracts, in a secure and binding manner.

This ultrafast process, which can connect producers and distributors without involving the middlemen is incorruptible, transparent and could enhance the trust of people conducting business together in Africa.

We have learnt about the development of an energy and commodity trading blockchain which is might change the way large institutions trade.  The “tiqpit” platform reduces the infrastructure needed to exchange contracts and increases the speed at which they are cleared.  Tokens, or “currency” issued by tiqpit are a finite digital resource which traders will use to pay for their use of the service.

If this technology is successful, the plan is to develop this technology into African exports via a company called OreQuan.  We will keep you informed when this is likely to become a reality.

For those of you who feel like you missed out on the Bitcoin bubble, this might be an opportunity for you.

You can get FREE tiqpit tokens in what’s called an “airdrop” on this page.  You just need an ethereum wallet and to do a bit of sharing on social media.

Best practice at the moment seems is to use a “hard-wallet” which keeps your secret key on an encrypted hard-drive, separate from the internet.  This is the one I bought. I would suggest getting one of these would be your first step into the crypto world.

For those of you who are more serious investors.  tiqpit is currently in its pre-ICO phase, where you can get 30% more tokens for you money than you will be able to after 18th March 2018.  Just use the referral code 1519387347 when you register here.

Please remember that all speculative investments are made at your own risk.  By purchasing these tokens you are hoping that this system of exchange will become popular in the future.  Whether it does or not is dependent on tiqpit themselves.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.