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Business in Africa Pays’ Speaker Agenda – Going Global May 2014

Here’s the title and description for each Business in Africa Pays’ panel session for May’s Going Global.

Going Global will be held on May 15th and 16th at ExCel – London. Business in Africa Pays will be presenting 5 speaker sessions, the details of which can be seen below. To book your free tickets to the “biggest business event in Europe” click here.

The Opportunities and Challenges of international expansion in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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| Hall 25

Ade Fubunmi Stone (Chair), Financial Engineer – Emirates & Sung

Neil Williamson, Director – Emerging Law

James Behan, Director – RenePort

Tony Ayavoro, Legal Adviser – Reneport

Washington Kapapiro, Chairman – AAOE

Africa’s rise is an observable fact but with every upturn there are risks to consider. This panel will discuss the opportunities available to the international business person. The consumer trends that promise profitable opportunities and the challenges of entry into the market are discussed in this session.

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What legal support do you need if you are operating in Sub-Saharan Africa?

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| Hall 24

Neil Williamson, Director – Emerging Law

This presentation will examine the extent to which you need legal advice, the options available to you and the pros and cons of each backed up with real–life examples. We will also examine the qualities that you should look for in the lawyers that you use.

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A Practical Guide to Trade and Investment in Nigeria

James Behan

| Hall 24

James Behan, Managing Director, RenePort Ltd

Nigeria is now the biggest African economy by GDP which presents a fantastic opportunity for UK businesses entering the market. That is not to say it is without its challenges.

This talk will provide a practical approach to trade and investment whilst outlining regulatory, political, cultural and other related issues that can impact your business in this exciting market.

James will also be accompanied by his colleague Tony Ayavoro

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International Trade & Business Panel

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| Hall 25

This panel session draws together key figures from international trade including:

Washington Kapapiro, Business in Africa Pays

Trevor Barton, RBCC

Rudi Guraziu, IBDE London

Yves Hayaux du Tilly, Hayaux & Goebel

Mexican Chamber of Commerce

Kevin McCole, UK India Business Panel

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Observing the African Diaspora & The New Wave of FUBU Companies.

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| Hall 26

Africa has been known to be funded by the aid of the west for many years. In recent years the upsurge of Africa ataining to serve itself has become a profitable movement that has maintained many businesses created under the movement For Us By US (FUBU). This panel will discuss the diaspora movement and its benefits for businesses with Africa on the horizon.

Washington Kapapiro, AAOE

Ade Fabunmi Stone, Emirates & Sung

Neil Williamson, Emerging Law

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