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Cherie Blair: British Entrepreneurs Must Compete to Take Part in Africa

Chair of Omnia Strategy LLP says strategy should be about more than “a short-sighted model of profit repatriation”

In an article written for Aljazeera.com Cherie Blair explores the appropriate approaches UK businesses should be taking to expand into Africa.

Mrs Blair described the continent’s position as “probably never been stronger” but warned it is important to now consider how to make this growth sustainable. This means a long-term view should be taken to ensure there is a “long standing social returns for the benefit of its people.”

Cherie Blair Portrait

Cherie Blair – Founder of Omnia Strategy LLP

Mrs Blair added:

Being competitive is not only about the product we make or the price we offer. It is also about playing a meaningful role in increasing Africa’s prosperous future. To this end, fostering value-adding partnerships means creating ventures that harness sustainable models of business and sharing best practices rather than a short-sighted model of profit repatriation.

Britain can not only add benefit to the development of Africa through it’s expertise in “oil and gas, green energy , agriculture and infrastructure” says Mrs Blair but also through its expertise in “governance, corporate social responsibility and human rights.”

My experience working on these issues, in Africa and elsewhere, has clearly demonstrated to me and the organisations I have been advising, that responsible long-term cooperation with local partners is not just beneficial to the host nation but also ensures the greatest returns for investors.

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