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E&S: Why We’re “Backing Business in Africa Pays”

Ade Stone: “Business in Africa Pays” is a Conduit to Doing Business in Nigeria.

Ade Stone of Emirates & Sung
Ade Stone, Financial Engineer, Emirates & Sung
We’ve set up conferences and trade missions which will enlighten and educate delegates about the Nigerian economy and the opportunities which are there.

Business in Africa Pays took time out this week to discuss with Ade Stone of Emirates & Sung about how they are helping investors make the most of the exceptional growth that Africa is experiencing. We also got to discuss why E&S are partnering with Business in Africa Pays and what he hopes delegates will gain by attending the conference. Here’s a transcript of the interview in full.

Who Are Emirates & Sung & What do They do?

Emirates & Sung was created 1985 as a result of a collaboration of Chinese and Middle Eastern funders. They focus on funding projects that can be in construction, property developments or commodity trading, within the African continent, mainly West Africa, Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra-Leon, Ivory Coast, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana.

We find people who have a requirement for funding, and match them with high-net-worth individuals and institutional funders, who now have a desire to fund in the African continent projects that they feel are viable.

Why Are You Working in Africa?

There is no money around in The West, there are no good solid investments to give good returns. Africa is a continent where there is a lot of mineral wealth, but there is very little cash and liquidity.

What we’ve found is that where these countries have a great need for housing, education, pharmaceuticals and infrastructure (they) don’t actually have the money to do it. We bring the funders who have the money to do it, together with those who have the requirements for the money.

We do it both with governments and local entrepreneurs, who can be local SME (Small, Medium Enterprise) sector, right down to the individual who has a need to build a block of flats for him and his family.

How Does Emirates & Sung Go About Achieving These Developments & Investments?

What we focus mainly on is bringing funders together with those who require the funding.

We’ve found in the last 15 months or so, that more and more people have been approaching us with a desire to enter the African market. Now we know the African market is huge, we believe in it, being of African decent ourselves, Nigerian in particular.

We decided we would start with Nigeria, being the biggest economy in Africa and understanding that economy fairly well.

We realize there is a market where we can work with people who want to get into Nigeria, so with Business in Africa Pays, we’ve set up conferences and trade missions which will enlighten them and educate them about the Nigerian economy and the opportunities which are there.

What Experience Does E&S Have That Makes it an Authority on Investing in Africa?

At E&S we have incorporated our self in many Africa countries, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Botswana… so that when we are talking business, we can talk from either an international perspective, as an international company coming into the country or we can talk as a local company… incorporated, registered, with offices, with staff on the ground who are actively seeking out opportunities and meeting people who have a desire for funding. We are seeing all sectors within Nigeria in terms of what their needs are, especially their funding needs and we’re able to match those with the funders.

At the same time we see where people coming in to Nigeria can maximize those opportunities, that they bring their expertise into the country and see what they can do within it. Because we have people on the ground, who are literally going around day-to-day meeting with all these various sectorial personnel it means that we have a wide and varied understanding of all these opportunities which are there. So anybody seeking to come into Nigeria and maximize the opportunities which are there can benefit from our grounding to do that.

How Can Emirates & Sung Help a Company Gain Access to The African Market?

We can put you in touch with banks that we already work with, we can put you in touch with accounting firms, legal firms, and these are people we have day to day communications with, so you’re not going to be walking into a company cold. We can give you the background and the understanding of that company. We can also introduce you to people who can give you sectorial advice. We can give you information and advice about where funding can be obtained and how it can be obtained. The situation with land… the situation with taxation… all those things that are needed for anybody or any business that is coming into Nigeria for the first time and have their own anxieties about going in there.

We can waylay those anxieties and fears and give them a great start-point so they at least hit the ground jogging. Which is a totally different proposition… If you’ve heard about Nigeria, and you appreciate the opportunities and you know nobody in there and think you can go in there and be successful… we’re not saying you can’t, but your chances of success will be reduced.

So Emirates & Sung really, via Business in Africa Pays, is a conduit that anybody having an interest in doing business in Nigeria and other African countries, would find ideal. To work with us would maximize their opportunity to become successful. So in a “nut-shell”, we are the people to talk to, we are your first port-of-call and if we work together, then your chances of success are highly improved. Your success is our success.

If you are interested in attending Business in Africa Pays, please purchases tickets from our Eventbrite page.