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Business in Africa Pays: Africa Event Content Facilitators

We provide conferences and events around the UK with speakers, content, venues and event operations regarding business in Africa.

Some of our clients just need speakers to fill in the gaps in their programmes, whilst others require more in-depth consultation or their entire event run for them.

Many companies are already holding events in The West that would translate well into the African market. If they decide to expand into the region the transition can be daunting.

Cultural differences and unusual business practices can make the venture seem at best frustrating and at worst impossible.

Business in Africa Pays provides Africa specific event consultation to such companies, to ensure their event can move over successfully with their brand and reputation intact.

Business in Africa Pays is Proud to be Content Providers for: Slovenia/Nigeria Chamber of Commerce, Association for Africa Owned Enterprises

<h2>We specialise in providing our clients with:</h2>

Chairman & Speakers:

We find the perfect speaker or Chairman that have the knowledge within a given industry and skill to present in an effective manner and that specialise in operating in the African Market.

Conference/Event Production:

We deliver event specific market-research, advice and through event management to our clients wishing to take a topic or industry to the African market.

Venue Finding:

For any event that desires a venue we will search for the perfect space. We will find and negotiate a price within your budget to hold your event in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Event Operations:

We execute and run conferences for and on behalf of our clients ensuring that their brand and professionalism is performed to its intended standard.

Past and Present Clients

Going Global
Emirates & Sung
Slovenia Nigeria Chamber of Commerce

If you require further information regarding the services above please contact our event team at info@businessinafricapays.com