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Ghana Plans to Export Electricity to West Africa

Ghanaian President Mahama wants electricity to become a major export

Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama

Ghanaian President John Dramani Mahama

President John Mahama announced on Wednesday, at the Africa Global Business & Economic Forum in Dubai, that recent investments in electricity generation will enable Ghana to become a major exporter of electrical energy.

According to Punch.com Mahama said

We have given priority to electricity generation in our country. We have prioritised energy in such a way that we want to become the hub for power production in West Africa. We want to generate electricity to the point that excess power can be exported to Nigeria, Ivory Coast and other countries that have power deficit.

Ghana has yet to solve it’s own energy problems however, with “lights-off” (periods throughout the day where electricity is not available) still a major problem throughout the country.

Mahama said Ghana has secured financing from China and Abu Dhabi to develop Ghana’s electricity generation. However, development of Ghana’s infrastructure won’t stop there. Mahama added where Africa faces some of its challenges lies its biggest opportunities. We are leveraging on public-private sector partnership to build infrastructure. Be it roads, electricity, ports or communication systems; if we create the right environment, investors will come.

To finish up, Mahama gave a broad overview of what he feels is important for the future African governments must fix infrastructure, investment in development of education and skills, and also enhance connectivity among African countries.

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