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Government Bonds in Africa Proving a Hot Target for Investors

Perceived high risk can benefit those looking for a high yield

If you’re looking for value in your investments, whilst maintaining a health level of risk, government bonds from Sub-Saharan Africa might be for you. Squeezing the most out of your money using western bonds will yield small profits at the moment… and if you’ve missed the generous moves in the stock market recently, you might fancy looking make the most of the developments occurring in Africa.

Bloomberg Africa are reporting that M&G Investments (no affiliation) are claiming that most market participants are not researching African bonds with enough depth… which leaves opportunity open to the serious investor. Bloomberg say on their website:

African dollar bonds yield 6 percent according to the Standard Bank Africa Sovereign Bond Yield Index — higher than the Bloomberg USD Emerging Market Sovereign Bond Index‚Äôs 4.4 percent. African local bonds in the AFMI Bloomberg African Bond Index yield 12 percent on average.

You can read the original article here.

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