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Jodi Barima confirmed to speak at Business in Africa Pays: Ghana

Creative Director of ‘Jodi B’ a fashion and accessories label that produces an affordable African inspired luxury line will be presenting a keynote speech.

Jodi B, Keynote speaker at Business in Africa Pays: Ghana
Jodi Barima will be discussing
how she has taken her business
to Ghana

Business in Africa Pays is proud to announce Jodi Barima as a Keynote speaker for our Ghana event. If you attend “Business in Africa Pays: Ghana” in March 2014 you will be able to meet with Jodi. She a talented accessory designer in high demand and has set up a factory in Ghana where she continues to produce her African inspired label.

Jodi will be speaking of her experiences in doing business in Africa and will be on hand to answer questions about her journey and give advice to any delegates wanting to do the same.

If you would like to meet Jodi please book your place for Business in Africa Pays: Ghana, Tuesday 25th March 2014.