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JP Anderson Creates System to Help Small Businesses in Africa

“The West Africa Over The Counter Market System” will help businesses find finance and advice

JP Anderson (a subsidiary of Leone Asset Management) has announced that it is developing “The West Africa Over The Counter Market System” (WAOTC) which will help supply the small business owner with capital, managerial advice, support and the expansion tools needed to fully execute his business plan. That’s according to CEO James Price. Mr Price also highlights that it is important to host a regulated marketplace that is fully transparent, investor protective and possesses strict listing and trading requirements.

In their recent press release, JP Anderson said…

Our research shows that the entire West African region has thousands of companies that possess new and innovative products and services. These companies, like companies that operate in more developed markets, need access to capital for growth and expansion. Assisting these small and emerging companies with their growth plans will bring huge economic stimulation to their local markets by creating jobs and encouraging foreign trade and investment.

The WAOTC aims to regulate companies and brokers/dealers. Companies that do not follow strict guidelines will be penalised and investors will receive warningsabout inadequate or non-current disclosure.

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