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New Kenyan National ID Cards to Make Monetary Payments

New ID cards are required by the EAC to be rolled out by June, 2015

President Jonathan reveals new Nigerian ID card

Nigeria has already launched an ID card which can also make monetary payments

Ventures-Africa reports that the Kenyan government is planning to reinvent their national ID cards. All members of the East African Community group (EAC) are required to provide their citizens with modern ID cards by the middle of 2015. Nigeria has already made plans to make these cards double up as a tool to make payments. Kenya’s card will be developed independently and could go through a number of iterations before a final system is agreed upon.

The Kenya Bankers Association believe these new cards will simplify the process for Kenyans to spend their money in foreign African countries. However, this new freedom also presents security risks, and continual development of security strategies are likely to be required to ensure the safety of users’ identity and financial matters.

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