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Kenyan Inflation Rate Increases to 4.8% Amidst Leadership Turmoil

Inflation accelerations for first time in 5 months

Ghana Outperforms All Other Benchmark Indexes in January

GSE-CI up a massive 20% in January!

Africa’s Internet Connections Expected to Double in Next 5 Years

High-speed connections could support over 1 billion users by 2022

Government Bonds in Africa Proving a Hot Target for Investors

Perceived high risk can benefit those looking for a high yield

Nigeria Leaps in World Bank’s Doing Business Ranking

Positive trend continues amongst African countries

First African Shopping Mall Made From Shipping Containers Built in South Africa

Johannesburg joins London & Paris in the new trend of recycling shipping containers

Ghanaian GDP Increases 4.1% Year on Year in Q1 2015

Ghana’s growth appears to be back on track after falling 3.8% in same period last year

Exporters to Gabon Will Soon Require a Certificate of Conformity for Customs Clearance

From 1st August 2015 goods being exported to Gabon will require a CoC to pass customs

Huawai Expanding ICT Training in Africa

The Chinese information & communication technology firm to train 1000 students

Zimbabwe Acts as Gambling Surges

High unemployment causing citizens to taking up gambling as a way of life, causing the government concern

Lena Rosenior: Developing IT Solutions in Ghana

Head of De Graft Management explains how her business took-off after attending our Ghanaian focused event

Nestle: We Remain Optimistic About West Africa

Head of Nestle Africa pledges to continue business operations in the face of extremist activity and ebola

Cherie Blair: British Entrepreneurs Must Compete to Take Part in Africa

Chair of Omnia Strategy LLP says strategy should be about more than “a short-sighted model of profit repatriation”

EU Ambassador Aims to Help Ghana Develop Manufacturing

William Hanna sees the EU partnering with Ghana rather than increasing aid

WHO: Nigeria is an Ebola Free Zone

Rui Gama Vas says Nigeria’s response was a spectacular success story

Malawi May Follow Suit & Recalculate GDP

Finance Minister says real growth may actually be as high as 7.5%

Nigerian Stock Trading Platform Reaches First Birthday

Nigerian Stock Exchange dubs the X-Gen trading platform as a success

Ghana Plans to Export Electricity to West Africa

Ghanaian President Mahama wants electricity to become a major export

Kenyan Economy Overtakes Ghana’s On Revision of Data

New figure now accounts for mobile transactions and informal business arrangements

Prudential Enters Kenyan Market After Acquisition

Insurance company plans to create 4,000 jobs by 2020

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