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Nigeria Repels Boko Haram Attack

Army forces chase Islamist attackers back to towards Cameroon border

A Nigerian military base was recently attacked with rifles and grenade-launchers by Boko Haram according to a spokesman. Chris Olukolade, from the defense headquarters, emailed the statement which indicated the insurgents have been repelled and are now on the run.

Nigerian President Goodluck Jonathan has been under fire recently as he is accused of lacking the wit to resolve crisis. He recently declared the North East region a “state of emergency.” It is thought the attacks are trying to promote discontent between the mix of Christian and Muslim residents in the region. So far the strategy has proved to be unsuccessful.

In fact, Nigerian forces have boosted their military presence during the Christmas period. Police spokesman Frank Mba revealed

Covert operations, round-the-clock surveillance, and … patrols are being intensified, while particular attention is now constantly paid to strategic public places, including places of worship, recreation centres, shopping malls … government installations.

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