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Nigerian Government Speaks of Terror Threat to Economy

Nigerian Justice Minister: terrorism weighs heavily on Nigerian economy

Speaking at the annual general conference of the NBA Justice Minister Mohammed Bello Adoke relayed the government’s concern of how the threat of terrorism is affecting Nigeria’s economic prospective. As terror looks to establish a foothold in The North Mr Adoke maintained that the welfare and security is backed by the constitution…

Our constitution clearly provides that security and welfare of the people shall be the primary purpose of government

Media reports of terrorist attacks on innocent citizens, members of the Armed Forces and Police and our critical infrastructure have continued to weigh heavily on the cost of governance and the ability of the citizenry to carry out their social and economic activities with grave consequences for the nation.

However he also lamented that the freedom of expression guaranteed by the Nigerian constitution has become a political weapon has been used to promote hatred.

The freedom of expression, association and freedom of thought and conscience guaranteed by the Constitution, have unwittingly become tools in the hands of politicians and their associates to promote division, hatred and discontentment in the polity. The quest for power and determination of certain persons and sections of the country to wrestle power from incumbent political office holders have led to the issuance of all manner of threats with grave implications for our national unity.

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