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Nigeria is a Huge Real Estate Opportunity, The Story is Getting Out Slowly

Successful property developments can yield 35%, but be aware of the risks, reports Reuters

Reuters has written a fantastic piece regarding the risk and reward of trying to meet Nigeria’s huge property demand. The news agency claims that Nigeria has unmet demand for 16m homes but due to the country’s well-known scam culture many investors fear to try and break the market.

Director of Nigerian Real Estate at Actis, Michael Chu’di Ejekam is quoted in the article as saying…

There are sizeable challenges to overcome but in many ways Nigeria represents the perfect storm for real estate investment; huge population, rapid urbanisation and a growing middle-class.

Reuters sites the growing middle class as part of the drive behind the property boom. According to Renaissance Capital the middle class account for around 23% of the population with an average income of around $550 dollars a month.

According to Delou Dara, Associate Vice President of Avante Property Asset Management, now is the time to capitalise on the Nigerian property market If you know the market, the people, focus on middle class and cherry pick your deals, you can clean out.

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