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Nigeria’s President Considers N10bn Cassava Trust Fund

Minister for Agriculture & Rural Development says Growth Enhancement Scheme Will Push Agriculture to Best Year Yet.

In a bid to secure its ability to feed Nigeria’s 170m citizens, the Nigerian government has secured a low interest loan from the China Exim Bank. The N10bn loan will be used to take the Growth Enhancement Scheme national. The GES aims to increase the amount of Cassava produced by the country by ensuring the 14m farmers that have registered for the scheme have the good cuttings and fertilizer.

The scheme will also aid research and development on cassave bread production, the training of bakers and the purchasing of equipment to boost the volume of bread that is baked. Dr Adesina said of the the move to increase the reach of the GES This year we are taking cassava GES programme to scale, we have designed different levels of support to different categories of farmers, and we are committed to making this work

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