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Obama: US Does Not Feel Threatened by Chinese Activities in Africa

US President Obama responded today to claims that the US is being left behind, as China makes inroads to African business. China became Africa’s largest trading partner in 2009 according to a report released in February despite the US having a larger inflow of investments into the country. Perhaps it was this prompted Obama to warn the region to be careful, and consider its own best interests when exporting it’s commodities. Such a business model cannot last forever. Here’s an exert The Irish Time article…

Mr Obama has also said that US interactions with Africa have included goals of social and political development, unlike those of China, which he said were more narrowly focused on commercial benefits.

“A lot of people are pleased that China is involved in Africa,” he told reporters traveling with him yesterday.

“On the other hand, they recognise that China’s primary interest is being able to obtain access for natural resources in Africa to feed the manufacturers in export-driven policies of the Chinese economy.”

“Make sure that whoever you’re dealing with … you’re getting a good deal that’s benefiting the people here and that can help to spur on broad-based development.”

Obama is trying to play up the importance of ethical trade with the region. How will your approach to doing business in Africa pay off for all involved?

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