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Robyn Spens to be Speaker at Business in Africa Pays: Nigeria

Director of “Professional Passport” will discuss navigating African cultural minefields

Business in Africa Pays is proud to announce Robyn Spens as a speaker for our Nigeria event. If you attend “Business in Africa Pays: Nigeria” in January you will get to meet Robyn, an exceptional professional who has spent 15 years serving clients from Russia, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Her extensive range of experience will be on display at the conference to show our delegates how they should approach conducting their business in Africa.

As a keynote speaker, Robyn most recently presented at the UK Banking Forum, Google/UK and Thomson Reuters. She is the cultural etiquette expert for JFW magazines. Our clients include Hewlett Packard, Mckinsey, and Google UK.

Robyn holds a degree in law and International Relations from the International School of Protocol and Diplomacy Brussels and the Protocol School of Washington.

If you would like to meet Robyn you can still register for for tickets. There still may be promotional codes available, contact us to check before you book.