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South Africa’s Dominant Status is Threatened by Nigeria, Ghana & Kenya

China and India are amongst the few countries with infrastructure investments in Nigeria, Angola and Mozambique. Now Russia seeks to have a presence in these countries to reap the profitable reward from overseas trading. The UN’s Africa Renewal magazine had this to say about the situation.

India has committed some $500m in infrastructure investments over the last five years, much of it in Nigeria, involving an oil refinery, power plant and railway, though project implementation still awaits the result of a feasibility study. Brazilian and Chinese construction companies have a long history in Angola, Mozambique, Tanzania and Zambia. In transport, India’s Tata has a well-established presence in Nigeria and South Africa, exporting assembled vehicles from there to other African countries. Russia has had a similarly long involvement in Angola and Guinea, and recently has been increasing its presence in Nigeria and South Africa.

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