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Sweden: Nigeria Has What it Takes to Excel

Swedish State Secretary: Clear change in business climate, favouring Africa

Gunnar Oom, State Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told journalists that Sweden must make efforts to keep up with the changes in Africa. During the session, Oom said that despite Nigeria being one of the “richest countries in the world” it should look for foreign investment to develop its basic infrastructural facilities.

Nigeria is very rich. Infact, one of the richest in the world, but 10 per cent of the population have access to electricity. There is need to work on that. We have seen appreciable growth in telecommunications, but operators should strive towards accelerating data growth because that is where the world is going now.

Nigeria and others need true competition and they must fight corruption. Corruption is a distortion to business and building of long term prosperity.

I must say this, wherever we have Swedish companies, they stick to the rules and that has been our focus in rendering quality services. There is need for transparent procedures. Sweden seeks closer ties with Nigeria.

Oom finished by noting that, like India, Nigeria should be using its huge population as one of its main assets.

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