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Trade Missions

Fly away with us on a trade mission
Fly away with Business in Africa Pays
on a trade mission.

What is a Trade Mission?

Trade missions allow companies like yours to explore opportunities in key markets as part of an organised group across a range of business sectors. They play an important role in giving you the chance to experience markets, make valuable contacts and see first-hand how business is done in those countries so you can better develop your international business strategy. Business in Africa Pay’s programme will help you to:

  • Learn practical aspects of doing business in target markets
  • Network with business support intermediaries
  • Boost your profile with key customers to gain a competitive advantage
  • Develop relationships with potential customers, agents/distributors
  • Conduct market research and test a new market
  • Launch new products
  • Tap into cross-sector collaborative opportunities
  • Realise your ambitions and make things happen

Business in Africa Pays will escort you to the countries you desire to work in, introduce you to people with authority and show you the correct way to interact within the culture. We will also can explain the way the system works within each jurisdiction. This means that you will receive invaluable information about how to operate in Africa and with whom.

Our packages include all this practical information as well as organisation of your flights, accommodation and transport to and from the airport.

How to Prepare for a Trade Mission

A trade mission will usually follow a conference focused on the specific country. This conference is vital in helping you to identify the appropriate opportunities and to maximise the value of your visit.

If you think that this service will be of interest to you, please contact our “Trade Missions Team” at trade-missions@businessinafricapays.com.