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Welcome to the Business in Africa Pays: Travel Portal. By completing the form below you can gain access to a service that makes business travel to Africa that much easier. You can will gain access the best rates and an unrivaled personal service that will guide you smoothly through the rigmarole of traveling to this exciting continent. Here’s how it works:

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Finalising travel arrangements for destinations in Africa can be tedious at the best of times, however you can now use Business in Africa Pays to gain easy access to visas, flights and accommodation for all African countries. Our travel management service in partnership with Blue Cube Travel can advise you about the safety of foreign visitors in each specific region.

At the heart of this service is the belief that a personal, consultative approach is the foundation of good business travel management.

Whilst technology is key to helping us deliver for our customers we see it as just one tool that helps enable great service – it is not the complete business travel package. Equally important is our experience. Business in Africa Pays has partnered with Blue Cube Travel and CIBT to make the travel process simple and manageable so you can concentrate on your business at hand.

By clicking Send your details will be sent to Blue Cube Travel and they will be in contact to arrange your travel plans for you.

Do you just require a visa for your next business trip? Click on the banner on the right of the screen to obtain one, hassle-free, from the best visa company in the business... CIBT.

Got more time to fill out our extensive travel form? Why not supply Blue Cube Corporate Travel Management with a more detailed explanation of your needs via our fully encrypted 5-step travel-portal. The process should take you about 20 minutes.


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