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Rand Merchant Bank Publishes Annual “Where to Invest in Africa” Report

Nigeria jumps Egypt to become second most attractive investment destination in Africa

RMB published their annual report on “Where to Invest in Africa” this week. The report showed that the political turmoil in Egypt has affected its investment potential, and Nigeria’s relative stability and large population are continuing to drive its growth to an expected 7% over the next five years. South Africa remained as the number one destination for foreign investment, with a GDP of $384bn. Nigeria has a GDP of $268bn despite having over 3 times the population of South Africa.

The top 10 countries in Africa appeared in the following order…

  1. South Africa
  2. Nigeria
  3. Egypt
  4. Ghana
  5. Morocco
  6. Tunisia
  7. Libya
  8. Ethiopia
  9. Tanzania
  10. Kenya
RMB’s list of “Where to Invest in Africa”

RMB calculated each country’s position in the list by considering their GDP, their expected growth over the next 5 years and their political stability.

For more information on the report click here.